Heute gibt es den TS3 Client in einer neuen Version zum Download: TeamSpeak 3 Client Version 3.0.8

Dieser Release bringt die Unterstützung für DNS Service Records (kurz SRV) in Ergänzung zum bereits existierenden TSDNS system. Darüber hinaus behebt Version 3.0.8 mehr als 10 Bugs und erhöht die Funktionalität mehrerer bestehender Funktionen. Zum Beispiel ist es jetzt möglich, einen Host-Banner zu setzen, ohne dass eine Remote-Server die Grafik bereithalten muss. Nun wird dafür die integrierte File-Transfer-Funktionen genutzt.


Apple hat einige Schritte (Gatekeeper) unternommen, um OS X-Benutzer besser zu schützen. Dadurch wird die Ausführung von nicht autorisiertem Code auf dem Mac verhindert. Version 3.0.8 enthält eine Code-Signatur für die Kompatibilität mit OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

Und nun zur kompletten Changelog für den TS3 Client 3.0.8

=== Client Release 3.0.8 16 Jul 2012
+ Added support for SRV records when resolving domain names.
Format for a SRV record for a TS3 server is:
_ts3._udp.name TTL IN SRV priority weight port target
It is also possible to add a SRV record for a TSDNS server for a domain, the format for this is:
_tsdns._tcp.name TTL IN SRV priority weight port target
The priority when resolving is:
(1) _ts3 SRV record (2) _tsdns SRV record (3) TSDNS (4) DNS
+ Added showing the chat line limit and its typed chars.
+ Added check of containing files before deleting a channel.
+ Added local server banner via filetransfer.
For example: ts3image://banner.png?channel=1&path=/banners
+ Added after assigning a hotkey the lockable key like NUM_LOCK, etc will be switched back to its previous state.
+ Added notification channel deleted/edited „by the server“
Please note the two added keys CHANNEL_DELETED_BY_SERVER and CHANNEL_EDITED_OTHER_BY_SERVER in settings.ini. Addon Sound Packs can add them too.
+ Added custom „block receiving whisper“ button for toolbar.
+ Added activate/deactivate/toggle hotkeys to block receiving whispers.
+ Mac OS X: Added Apple Developer ID certificate for gatekeeper in upcoming Mountain Lion release.
* Clients can now be dragged from chat log.
* Enable drag&drop from „List All Clients“ again. Drag applies to the selected client.
* Save last sorting of „List All Clients“ list. Apply sorting whenever new clients arrive after clicking the „More“ button.
Please note that nicknames are now sorted case-insensitive.
* Show invoker if client description was edited by another client.
* Support bbCode in ts3plugin_infoData text.
* Package installer only autoactivates styles if a qss file is present.
– Fixed „RenderDeviceContext“ logging on Windows.
– Overhauled Delete Avatar mechanism to trigger more reliable when avatar was deleted by another user.
– Some typo fixes in English and German texts.
– Fixed voice test no longer ignores „vad over ptt“.
– Fixed strange behavior when hammering PTT during voice test.
– Fixed changing enable/disable delayPTT and its delay value during voice test.
– Fixed using „Keyboard & Mouse“ hotkey system with Synergy.
– Fixed chat line issue when opening menu e.g. via ALT+S.
– Fixed an issue with the filetransfer slots could get over the maximum of 10.
– Fixed crash when parsing a corrupt urls.dat (thanks to torzsi for the file).
Please note that urls.dat is now called caught_urls.dat and because it got a new internal format, the old one will be deleted after convertion.
– Fixed displaying wrong default channel group in channelgroup permissions.
– Fixed a memory leak, which could increase memory usage drastically when running the client for a very long time.
– Fixed filter clear button in server/client logviews, cleaned up layouts.
– Fixed chat line edit char counter which now counts also unicode characters, so the displayed characters can be different from the counter.

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