Für ATHP und TS3 Server steht eine neue Beta zur Verfügung, die am 10 September 2014 veröffentlicht werden soll:

We just prereleased the new TeamSpeak 3 server 3.0.11 beta. There are some important changes which require your attention and interaction. We strongly recommend all ATHP to download the beta and test it before upgrading their live servers.

  • Starting this release, the MySQL database plugin has been replaced by a MariaDB plugin. Please read doc/update_mysql_to_mariadb.txt for instructions on how to update. Also note the default character set for the database is now ‚utf8mb4‘, which means the server needs to be at least MySQL 5.5.3 or MariaDB 5.5.
  • When a new database is created, we will be using a few extra defaults for the Guest Server Query group. Permissions for existing databases will be left untouched.
  • Starting this release, TS3 servers will no longer support the Mac OSX PowerPC architecture.
  • Starting 3.0.12 (next release), TS3 server will no longer support OSX 10.6 or lower.

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